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Should Mississippi State sell alcohol? Well to that I say, “Why the hail not!”

To sell or not to sell?

Look, let us all be open and honest with each other.

Mississippi State has often played it conservative, not just as an athletic department, but as an entire university. And you know what, that is honestly okay. This is a pretty conservative fan base. You make decisions to fit your market, I get that. With that being said, this move would fit your market. Sell booze, Keenum. Yes, I know you have already spoken your mind on this matter, but have you really thought this one through?

Yes, we drink here at FWtCT. Yes, we know people who drink. Yes, people do it at the football games. It happens, every single game. So why not make money off of it? The University of Texas did, reportedly 3 million dollars worth annually. So did The* Ohio State University, with a reported 1.3 million dollars. You need money to keep in the SEC footrace, here is an incredible opportunity. (*trademark pending)

Are you going to feel the wrath from some of the fan base?

Heck yeah you are. Who cares.

Did every one love the Joe Moorhead hire? Did every one agree that we should fire Vann Stuedeman?


But the athletic department will do what they think is best for their program. Why should this be anything different? It brings in money, an incredible amount of it, and creates a more well-rounded fan experience. Does it take away from the family atmosphere? Not exactly. You can drink at Disney World, at most restaurants, and really anywhere you want. People love The Junction, guess what, you can drink there. You do not throw a fit, so do not do it now. If anything, this intensifies the atmosphere. A bunch of buzzed folks with cowbells sounds like one heck of a crowd. Then maybe the extra money makes more seats for maybe an alcohol free zone or family zone if you so wish it. It is 2019, let us get with the times. Let us do what is best for us moving forward.

This athletic department has set back and played it cool. Lets play it cooler with some booze.

Grab a cowbell, grab a beer, and lets make Davis Wade Stadium a place for everyone.

Want to discuss it? Follow me on twitter @_thealexgomez and let’s discuss. Thank you for reading and Hail State!