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5 Big Questions for the Mississippi State Bulldogs in 2019

Five questions you need answered before football kicks off this season

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Your biggest question just got answered.

Who will be the starting quarterback come September 1st?

Tommy “Touchdown” Stevens was named the starting quarterback around 3 p.m. on Thursday afternoon. He’s been named the guy for our first game of the season and I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s the guy all year long.

Will Kylin Hill dominate like he’s expected to?

I can’t answer this in complete certainty, but if Hill stays healthy all season he will not only have an incredible year but go down as one of the best backs in MSU history.

Why should we be excited about Tommy Stevens?

The main reason we should be excited is because he knows the offense. Yes, he transferred from Penn State, but he was projected to start to there this season. He wanted to be with Joe Moorhead and run his offense and that is encouraging.

Will our defense be able to withstand losing Jeffery Simmons and Montez Sweat?

We have the guys that are ready to fill their spots. Chauncey Rivers being the first name that comes to mind. But it’s not the question of if they are ready, but if they will live up to the expectation that Simmons and Sweat placed here on the defensive line at Mississippi State.

How big of a year is this for Joe Moorhead?

SHOW ME SOMETHING JOE! He just needs to prove himself this year. Prove that he has what it takes to pull off the upset, prove that he can coach inside the SEC, prove that he can run his offense with the players we already have, and a few other things that have to happen for Joe to gain the approval of his fans.