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Let’s Get Prepared For Gameday: Music Edition

Different parts of Gameday mixed with your favorite tunes

Louisiana Lafayette v Mississippi State Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Friends, we’ve got only days until football. Yes, I said it. Football. But we can’t just roll into game day with zero motivation, can we? No. We cannot. At least I can’t. I need to be motivated by some good ol’ tunes. So I’ve grouped some familiar and not so familiar songs to get you hype for game day. (Just a forewarning, I chose all of these songs based on my experience in DWS and my personal opinion. Please don’t hate me. Thanks!)


Here are my top five songs that you’ll want to hear at the tailgate to get your mind ready for the game.

  1. Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks. Even though this one is a baseball classic, hearing it ring through the junction two hours before kickoff gets my blood pumping a little bit.
  2. Dixieland Delight - Alabama. You’re bound to get people singing to this one, a crowd-pleaser. With our fans’ extra ad-libs, it personally gets me fired up.
  3. Thunderstruck - AC/DC. What an anthem that, if played at the right time, can get the whole tailgate bopping their heads. Also, there’s a fun game to be played with this one, iykyk.
  4. Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen. Ah yes, State has a small history with this one, lol. Every boot wearing country boy or girl loves belting this one out.
  5. Chattahoochee - Alan Jackson. I went a little more country here, but people love the tropical and laid back style of Alan Jackson. And c’mon, have you seen this music video? Water skiing in jeans is legendary.

TOP 5 IN STADIUM SONGS(besides Don’t Stop Believin’)

Here are my top five songs that I believe get the crowd(including student section) hyped up in the moment.

  1. I Get The Bag - Gucci Mane ft. Migos. This one rings out of the PA system when our defense enforces a third down. It gets the cowbells to start ringing on beat, and also is a hype enough song for a little jumpin’ around to start happening.
  2. Grove St. Party - Waka Flocka Flame. Man, when the chorus of this song starts ringing, I can’t help myself to absolutely going crazy. “It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party,” how classic is that. When this song played during the 2017 Alabama game, I’ve never seen a student section go as crazy as ours did that day.
  3. For My Dawgs - Waka Flocka Flame. Self explanatory, its for my dawgs.
  4. Knuck If You Buck - Crime Mob ft. Lil’ Scrappy. A classic club hit that, if played at the right time in DWS, can get everyone in the mood for a big play.
  5. Nonstop - Drake. This one was played only last year, but the crowd, players, and students always seemed to be re-energized by this one.


These are my personal top five songs that I would play if I was about to go out there and play myself.

  1. Wow - Post Malone. It’s even got the Dak shoutout! Super upbeat track that gets your mind right.
  2. A lot - 21 Savage ft. J.Cole. Another hip hop track that really can activate your trash talking mode.
  3. 3500 - Travis Scott ft. Future and 2 Chainz. A slept on track, but still is one that makes me want to run through a brick wall.
  4. Kickstart My Heart - Mötley Crüe. Man, talk about a classic. If you really want to talk nitty gritty rock, this is it. Something about The Crüe gets me all kind of excited.
  5. Money In The Grave - Drake ft. Rick Ross. Drake’s latest hit is an absolute bop, as they say. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear this one during pregame at DWS.


Here are five songs that, if played at the right time, can get the crowd and the players back into the game and atmosphere.

  1. 100 Shots - Young Dolph. From Memphis, Dolph has some of the hardest hitting hip-hop tracks in the game.
  2. R.I.C.O. - Meek Mill ft. Drake. They played this ONCE in Davis Wade, and the student section lost it. Then it disappeared. Never to be played again. A comeback would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Going Bad - Meek Mill ft. Drake. Seems as if every time these two artists get together on a track it’s an automatic hit. Wouldn’t be surprised if they play this one in the stadium this year as well.
  4. Litty - Meek Mill ft. Tory Lanez. I know, same artist again. But Meek has the keen ability to make very energized tracks. This one blasting through our speakers right after a State touchdown and right before a kickoff would be a prime spot for this song.
  5. I Don’t Like - Chief Keef. A classic party anthem, the players and student section would go wild at the first sound of this beat.

Hope you guys enjoyed all these choices, and if I missed anything, please let me know! Here’s a link to a playlist of all these songs for your listening pleasure.