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Will Isaiah Zuber play a bigger role in the MSU offense?

Once a Wildcat and now a Bulldog, Zuber will have his chance to make a statement.

Mississippi State v Louisiana Lafayette Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Though Zuber has not been a primary weapon for the Bulldogs offensively, he should have his moment tomorrow at Davis Wade.

Zuber is a speedster and freakish athlete. Though he has accumulated just 37 yards off three receptions, it is only a matter of time before Zuber’s numbers increase.

Zuber is a dual, formidable along the sideline and in the slot. Look for Zuber to be used in a plethora of schemes and potentially a few trick plays. If Mississippi State wishes to be 3-0, Zuber must be an integral component within their game plan.

While he may not post mind-blowing numbers in tomorrow’s contest, Zuber will have his share of opportunities. The question is whether or not he can capitalize. That said, Zuber is a highlight waiting to happen. Expect him to jump off the screen.

Coach Joe Moorhead has a lethal weapon at his disposal in Zuber. It is only fitting that the senior transfer breaks out against his former squad. Big things ahead for Zuber.

Hail State!