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Takeaways from Saturday’s loss vs Kansas State

4 key takeaways from the first loss of the season

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

The Mississippi St. Bulldogs take on their first L of the season handed to them from the Kansas State Wildcats. The Bulldogs couldn’t hold on to their third quarter lead, which resulted in the final score of the game being 31-24 in favor of the Wildcats.

All of this is stuff you already know, but let’s look at some key takeaways from the loss on Saturday.

The future looks bright at QB.

Garrett Shrader shows massive amounts of heart. Yes, I’m talking the quarterback-copter, but it’s even more than that. He runs with intensity and can throw on the run rather well. I’m not saying he’s better than Tommy Stevens because he’s not. What I am saying is that our future under Shrader looks exceptionally bright.

A healthy Tommy Stevens probably results in a W.

We win if he’s healthy. Plain and simple. It was obvious this man was not healthy the second he stepped on the field. If Stevens isn’t healthy this week, he shouldn’t play! Don’t risk something worse happening. Stevens is a good quarterback and the best one we have on the depth chart.

Kylin Hill is going to ball out no matter what the outcome is.

This kid is unbelievable. Fun fact: Saturday was the first game where Hill ran for over 100 yards and MSU lost. As long as Hill stays healthy, he will be one of, if not the best, running backs in the SEC.

The problems all start with Joe Moorhead.

I think we all know this, but Joe Moorhead has to get better. He has to get better at play-calling, time management and just being prepared to play football. MSU looked utterly unprepared to play Kansas State on Saturday. It all starts at the top and trickles down. Moorhead has to examine his playbook and practice agenda before stepping into SEC play this Saturday against the Kentucky Wildcats.