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TAKEAWAYS from Saturday’s SEC win

4 key takeaways from Saturday’s win vs. the Kentucky Wildcats

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s takeaways come a little easier with a dub under our belt. Moorhead and the Mississippi St. Bulldogs pick up their first Southeastern Conference win of the season, 28-13, over the Kentucky Wildcats.

Let’s get to it. Here are four key takeaways from Saturday:

Kylin Hill might be the best running back in the country.

Get real people. This kid is incredible, but he doesn’t receive the credit he deserves. The only reason he doesn’t receive the credit is because he plays at Mississippi State. If Hill were on a top-tier SEC team, he would be the front-runner for the Heisman Trophy race.

During Hill’s first TD of the game, he leaps over a Kentucky defender and reaches over the pylon. One of the commentators says “You think he was inspired by Garrett Shrader last week?” No. No, he was not, because that’s (at least) his third hurdle this season. Incredible score. Incredible leap. Not his first go-round.

Garrett Shrader will be one of MSU’s greatest QBs of all time.

Too early to tell? I don’t think so. This kid has the potential to put some record numbers up in the future. I didn’t say he was one of MSU’s greats now, but he will be. His 77% completion percentage impressed me the most. His ability to get out of the pocket and still look downfield to make the throw is highly impressive.

Do I think Stevens is the guy? Probably. Do I believe we are in a predicament without him? Nope. Shrader is who you want as your backup.

Willie Gay makes the defense look entirely different.

Totally. Different. Defense. I knew all of Mississippi State’s suspended players would play this week, but I did not know how much a difference it would make. Obviously with the pick-six, from the start of the game, Gay was all over the place. I wish we had him for every SEC game this season, but it does not appear to be that way. In the games that Mississippi State does have Willie, you’ll see the defense look different.

That was an enormous win.

People can say, “Oh well, it was just Kentucky.” I don’t give a cr*p. That was a must-win game on Saturday, and Joe Moorhead got it done. Because of that win, you look ahead and know that you can compete with other SEC teams. Because of that win, six or seven wins is undoubtedly attainable. Because of that win, Mississippi State is looking to go pull off an upset this Saturday at Jordan Hare stadium. Hail State!