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Player to Watch: Mississippi State at Vanderbilt

A key component in the Bulldogs near comeback in Columbia, JaMya Mingo-Young continues to evolve as a formidable offensive weapon. MSU Athletics

A spark plug off the bench with speed, Mingo-Young can get through the lane and to the rim.

Having posted 14 points along with a pair of steals against the Gamecocks, Mingo-Young should see the floor more often than not in Nashville. Standing at 5-foot-8, the freshman guard can make the most of mismatches and create opportunities for teammates. Though she is most comfortable from midrange and in the paint, look for Mingo-Young-Young to expand her game and attempt her share of threes.

Defensively, Mingo-Young has shown promise. Though under six feet, she has the speed and vision to force the issue. While Mingo-Young found herself in foul trouble throughout Monday’s matchup, coach Vic Schaefer should address that, not only with her, but with the team, as it has become a prominent issue. Expect an all-round performance from Mingo-Young.

Hail State!