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No. 9 Mississippi State vs Auburn Women’s Basketball Preview

At 18-3, the Bulldogs welcome the Tigers to Stark Vegas. MSU Athletics

Broadcast Information

The game is at 7 p.m. CT and can be watched on the SEC Network.

What to Watch For

JaMya Mingo-Young in transition

Continuing to show off her speed and ability to get through the lane, Mingo-Young should be at the focal point of the Bulldogs second unit when in transition. Mingo-Young is has been a spark off the bench, having risen up in big moments as seen late in the Bulldogs road loss to South Carolina. As Vic Schaefer will look to make tonight’s game a track meant, Mingo-Young’s game should be at its best. Expect a double-digit performance.

Jordan Danberry in the second half

Given the Bulldogs are a relatively young squad, Danberry is Vic Schaefer’s go to weapon as the game wanes. Look for her number to be called if things get close. While Schaefer has been experimental in lineups without Danberry, she will be the deciding factor against the Tigers.


Mississippi State handles Auburn 85-60