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Player to Watch: Mississippi State at Missouri

Rickea Jackson has been on fire on the offensive end, as she continues to expand her game.

In double figures in her last five games, Jackson can be deemed a proven scorer.

Known to be at her best from midrange and in the paint, Jackson can create her own shot and get to the rim. Though the Bulldogs are primarily known as a defensive team, Jackson is the focal point of their offense.

At 6-foot-2, Jackson is likely to be matched up with 6-foot-1 Tiger forward Hayley Frank. Both freshman, the two mirror one another statistically. As Jackson is averaging 13.1 points and 4.3 boards per game, Frank is averaging 12 points and 4.1. Expect Jackson and Frank to be in a hard-fought battle throughout.

Given Frank’s defensive struggles, Jackson should have her way if able to be a factor in the paint. Given both Jackson and Frank measure up near perfectly in height, one will have to get past the other and take advantage of possible mismatches. Look for Jackson to do so early.

Hail State!