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Mississippi State Football: Which Bulldog defensive back must step up going forward?

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Alabama The Tuscaloosa News-USA TODAY Sports

A sign of promise for the Bulldogs is freshman corner Emmanuel Forbes who must seize the opportunity to make the most of his sky-high ceiling.

Forbes is a physical athlete who can read the quarterback’s eyes. A ballhawk with quickness, Forbes excels in one on one coverage. That said, there is room for improvement.

Against Alabama, Forbes posted six total tackles and broke up a pass. Though he is only a freshman, Forbes has shown flashes of playing beyond his years.

In an intriguing defensive backfield, Forbes has fit right into his role. Expect his name to be called throughout the rest of the season. A stout secondary is essential in today’s game, as Forbes can make a game-changing play.

He is a raw talent and plays with an opportunistic mindset. Though he does take risks, Forbes’ physicality makes him an intimidating threat.

Look for him to be at the forefront of the secondary in next week’s matchup against Vanderbilt.

Hail State!