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FOCO - the official partner of Mississippi State

Alternate Headline: FOCO - an officially awesome company

I have always been a fan of FOCO. I want to be on record saying that. They make some really amazing Mississippi State foam swords, face mask and many other things. They reached out to us via Twitter and said, “Hey, would you like to try out products?” Of course, we did.

The next day, mask arrived at my front door. They are the softest, most comfortable mask ever. Oh, and did I mention stylish as heck. I was impressed, and, of course, so thankful for the free mask. In a time like these, no one can have too many mask. Then the next day, another beautifully designed FOCO packaged arrived at my doorstep.

Like a kid on Christmas, I open the package and find the legend himself. There, shaking his head at me, was Dak Prescott. He was beautifully detailed to head to toe. He now sits in my office, shaking his head at all who goes by. The people at FOCO were incredible, through and through. When looking for a Christmas present, a Dak Prescott bobble head is the way to go. It’s an incredible collectors piece, and all around just freaking cool. If you do anything this holiday season, let it be FOCO!