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Top 10 MSU Football Games to Rewatch from the 2000s

Bored at home? Try to find these 10 MSU football games to rewatch.

Auburn v Mississippi State Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

These times call for unprecedented measures. Sometimes those measures can be quite fun. So, I’ve made a list of the top 10 Mississippi State Bulldogs football games for you to go back and rewatch. I’ve added the youtube links in the description of each game. These top 10 games are entirely my own opinion. So, please comment your top 10 MSU football games in the comment section below.

10. Mississippi State vs. Tennessee 2012

I attended most of the games that are listed on here, including this one. This game put Mississippi State at 6-0 in on the season, and things were looking bright for the 2012 Bulldogs after Tyler Russell hit Malcolm Johnson in the back of the end zone for a game-winning TD. Bulldogs came from behind and won 41-31. I could only find the highlights for this one.

9. Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss 2019

Fresh on all of our minds. I won’t talk about this one a lot. So that you know, urine for a good one. Here’s the entire game.

8. Mississippi State vs. Florida 2004

Here’s an oldie for you. Jerious Norwood had a day as the Bulldogs rushed for 251 yards and won 38-31 with two touchdowns in the 4th quarter.

7. Mississippi State @ Ole Miss 2016

This one is just a fun beat down to watch. Nicky Fitz ran all over the sub-par Ole Miss defense. 55-20 and probably one of the most memorable scores in the last decade.

6. Mississippi State vs. LSU 2017

No one expected this game to go the way it did, and that’s why I think you should rewatch all of this one. Dan Mullen’s offensive play calling this night was beyond good. Check out this massacre.

5. Mississippi State vs. Alabama 2007

I was a total of 10 years old attending this game. This game is as far back as I can remember understanding what it meant to be a Mississippi State fan and what it meant to win in the SEC. The unforgettable moment was right before halftime. John Parker Wilson threw a play-action pick-six to end the first half as CB Anthony Johnson took it to the house to advance the Bulldogs to a 10-9 lead. Dawgs played some rock-solid D in the second half to win, 17-12.

4. Mississippi State vs. Texas A&M 2014

This was a sweet win because of what happened two years before when Johnny Manziel came into Starkville and wrecked the Bulldog defense. Getting revenge on the #6 Texas A&M Aggies. One last thing on this one, Richie Brown had three interceptions.

3. Mississippi State vs. LSU 2014

The game that catapulted the Bulldogs into their fastest winning streak to become #1 in the nation. Nighttime in Death Valley did not phase Dak Prescott.

2. Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss 2013

This may not be #2 on everyone else’s top 10 games from the 2000s, but there was nothing better than seeing Bo Wallace drop the ball into Nickoe Whitley’s hands as overtime came to a close.

1. Mississippi State vs. Auburn 2014

This was the most natural call to make for the #1 spot. One of the greatest moments of my life inside of Davis Wade Stadium. The moment I remember most was when I realized that the game was over and embraced my father and told him, “We’re going to be #1 tomorrow.”

Stay safe, Bulldog family. Miss y’all.