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Mississippi State Football: What makes Jordan Davis so dangerous at linebacker?

His game speaks for itself, as Davis will showcase his vast array of skills this fall. MSU Athletics

Davis, who boasts a potent mixture of quickness and finesse, adds swagger to the Bulldogs defense, being the perfect complement to fellow linebackers Errol Thompson and Aaron Brule.

Today’s linebacker must have a quick first step and be able to set the edge, both components of Davis’ game. Coach Mike Leach will rely on Davis from day one. Davis completes the Bulldogs trio at linebacker, talented and experienced. The Bulldogs need a tone-setter on defense, as Davis brings a new energy level to this year’s squad.

Year after year, the Bulldogs declare themselves a defensive staple, producing talent consistently, particularly at linebacker. Behind Thompson, Brule and Davis are next in line.

Davis, lean and agile, stands at 6-foot-4, 260 pounds. In addition to his ability to set the edge, Davis can read the eyes of the quarterback. He is more than capable of making a game-changing play and should do so throughout the season. Given his talents, also look for Davis to fill the stat line.

Though Davis may not be the Bulldogs defense’s primary face, expect him to be a fan favorite and make his name known. Davis is a lightning rod and a highlight reel waiting to happen, as he will have his opportunity to match up with some of the nation’s best offensive talents. Davis will not only take advantage but do so with a chip on his shoulder.

Hail State!