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Mississippi State Football: Why Martin Emerson the SEC’s most underrated corner

Opportunistic and fearless, Emerson is a natural student of the game.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

As the SEC boasts some of the most prolific talents at wideout, a formidable lockdown corner is essential for any secondary.

Emerson is a hard-hitter with athleticism. At 6-foot-2, 195 pounds, he matches up well with the height of the SEC’s best.

As a freshman, Emerson posted 32 total tackles, 17 solos in 2019. Having played in all 13 games, he added an interception, forced a fumble, and broke up two passes.

A sophomore that plays like a senior, Emerson will make the most of every opportunity as the starter in 2020. Look for him to take chances and not play for numbers.

Emerson is a speedster along the sidelines and in the open field. His speed, coupled with an ability to sky, will make him an immediate issue for the opposition.

Though there is still room for Emerson to grow, expect him to have an immediate impact on the game, given his skill set. His ceiling is sky-high.

Like the Bulldogs offense, the defense will pride itself on speed, as Emerson fits the bill. Expect him to make his presence felt and have his way more often than not.

Hail State!