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Mississippi State is now 0-2* against Tigers this year

We don’t want to talk about it, but here we are, talking about it anyways.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

If you actually decided to read this, you probably came here looking for answers. You came here to find some kind of hope for the season or something positive being said about the game. Hell, maybe you came here for a laugh. Honestly, I have nothing.

The offense rolled for much of the first half but managed to shoot themselves in the foot to end practically every drive. Missed field goals, turnovers and dropped balls were the story of the first half. This is where I expected things to change. I expected an epic Mike Leach rant in the locker room to fire up his team. I expected them to clean it up, fix the mistakes, and play some Southeastern Conference football.

This is where the narrator says, “it did not change.”

If anything, it was much worse. The team seemed disinterested in football for much of the third quarter, as did Mike Leach. I have avidly defended Mike Leach, the staff and the players. That is apparent in many tweets, articles and to anyone I talk to. This game was as close to a must-win as you can get. LSU is done, a bad loss last week still remains in the back of our minds, and fans are growing impatient with this type of gameplay. It does not mean that Leach needs to be fired by any means, but we need some improvement. Regression is what will kill this program. Watching your archrival score at will definitely doesn’t make anyone’s mind feel more at ease.

The fourth quarter was much of an improvement, but it is important to note: a football game has four quarters. You have to play complete games in the SEC and every game for that matter. The battle back shows the heart, which is wonderful to see after the third quarter, but heart doesn’t win games anymore.

Leach deserves time. but things do need to start changing and quick. Maybe more quickly than even humanly possible.