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The J-Rob dance remixes you didn't know you needed

We were provided some great video of J-Rob dancing, so of course we remixed it.

Andy Lyons

Winning is fun, isn't it?  It's especially fun when you have a 5'9", bowling ball of a running back who refuses to go down, and who refuses to not have a good time while playing.  In addition to his 198 yards and two touchdowns Saturday, Josh Robinson just flat out had himself a great time, and that was fun to watch.  So I wasn't too surprised when video guru Derek Cody shared this fantastic video yesterday of J-Rob dancing along with stadium music between plays on Saturday.  I mean, have you ever seen a player that has more fun while racking up more yards?  Luckily we were given (#blessed) a copy of that dance video, so we pondered things for a bit, then we came up with a few dance remixes.  Hopefully you like at least one of them:

1. All About that Bass

J-Rob is all about that bass

A video posted by @cristilmethod on

Duh.  A very-popular song about the derriere and a very popular player known somewhat for the same?  Perfect match.

2. I'm the Man

I'm the man I'm the man I'm the mannnn

A video posted by @cristilmethod on

Well, isn't he?

3. Baby Got Back

Oh my gosh Becky...

A video posted by @cristilmethod on

Okay, I guess I just thought this one would be funny.  Plus, it's a classic.

And aren't y'all proud of me!  I didn't even remix it to "Smooth" by Rob Thomas.