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Mississippi State needs this enthusiastic Stanford cowbell player for its pep band [.GIF]

The number two (behind W. Ferrell) cowbell player in the nation is clearly this Stanford pep band member. MSU's pep band should see about convincing him to transfer to MSU.

SBNation - @SBNationGIF

This year's edition of March Madness has proven to be just as exciting as previous versions so far, as top fell short of the Sweet 16 in the tournament's opening weekend.

One of those top seeds, Kansas, was taken down by 10-seed Stanford, 60-57.  That's not what we're here to talk about, though; we're here to talk about Stanford's awesome pep band.  As a unit, they've been known to put on some pretty unique shows (and smuggle in booze in tubas!), but they're cowbell player is by far the star of the pep band.

During yesterday's game, he seized his moment on TV by banging out what our scholars will one day surely describe as a "Top-5 cowbell solo of all time".

Stanford Cowbell Player

MSU BAND DIRECTOR - This guy would be an outstanding addition to the basketball pep band for next year.  See what you can work out, please.