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MSU and SEC versions of the famous 'Oscar Selfie'

The Mississippi State defensive staff and the internet teamed up to give us MSU-centric and SEC-centric photoshops of the famous 'Oscar Selfie' picture taken last night.

Last night as a part of the 2014 Oscars, host Ellen Degeneres snapped this photo filled with stars and A-listers:

The picture got the nation's attention in a big way, as it became the all-time most RT'd tweet ever. And is always the case these days, it quickly spawned off photoshop mastery and tweaks all over the internet. A few of those tweaks were pretty dang good, and they pertained to MSU and SEC football coaches.

Here's some strong work from the MSU defensive coaching staff:

It's so nice that even with their busy schedules, they still find time to get out and strut their stuff on the red carpet. Coach Townsend looks pissed that Gravity didn't get best picture.

And here's one someone worked up with all of the SEC football coaches:

Pretty good stuff. I can't decide if Malzahn or Miles is my favorite.