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Let's talk about all the magic in this old picture of the MSU baseball team

There's so much to take in here. I'll try my best to document it all

Earlier today as a part of #throwbackthursday on Twitter, the official MSU account tweeted the following:

I was unable to locate the photograph in the University's digital archives, but it appears to be a picture of one of the early 1900s baseball teams. There's so much going on here.  Let's try and document it

  1. I don't want to alarm any of you who don't believe in time machines, but that's Eli Manning in the top right corner.  Sure, he's a beloved figure in Oxford due to his time under center for the Ole Miss football team, but in a previous life he was a member of the Mississippi A&M baseball squadron.  This has got to be devastating for you Ole Miss fans.  I'll give you a minute.
  2. The man I assume to be an assistant coach or the team's personal doctor/sniper, second from the right, has just a phenomenal mustache.  I mean, if John Cohen grew one of those right now I would guarantee that State wouldn't lose another game ever.  EVER people.  Get to grooming JC.
  3. Bottom row, first to the right from dead center - who beat the crap out of that guy?  Seriously, he either had a rough night the night before or he is in the middle of some serious hazing by this team.  Of course they probably hazed pretty good back then; back before all of these "rules" about throwing someone from a moving vehicle were in place.
  4. The coach, or who I assume to be the head coach there in the top center, grew up to be this character from The Longest Yard remake in 2005 (maybe).
  5. The guy on the bottom left is wearing a turtleneck.
  6. I don't know which one of you made the player on the top left cry, but shame on you.  ALSO SEE: Johnny Manziel-looking guy to his left may have just broken wind.