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Here's a pretty great wedding cake replica of The Hump

This wedding cake replication of Humphrey Coliseum is pretty good.

College football replica wedding cakes have been around for some time now, and with the expansion of social media in recent years it seems like we've seen a good representative from nearly every school imaginable.  MSU even had a really good one last year, but it seems like we tend to see less replica cakes of college basketball venues.

UNTIL NOW, that is:

That's a pretty solid artistic effort featuring flour and frosting.  Well done to whoever made this for the special day.

Best wishes to the two (I assume from his Twitter TL that Nick is one of them) getting married today!  And to whoever made this cake, I think Rick Ray is on line one and he wants to know if you can make one every day for the next year and send it to Malik Newman's house.