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Mississippi State coaches dress up as movie characters for coaches party

Dan Mullen as Bill Murray's character from Caddyshack is great, but it's hard to top Tony Hughes as James Brown.


A few days ago, the Mississippi State football team capped off its summer workouts with the annual 'midnight lift' -- an event essentially equating to a grueling final lift the players complete while dressed for Halloween.  Though all the players are students and students love dressing up for Halloween, who says that the coaches can't get in on the fun as well.

It looks as though MSU's staff did, in fact, get to do a bit of dressing up themselves last night at a party for the staff.  Here are a few of the best shots from the evening, via Twitter:

There's coach Mullen as Carl Spackler from Caddyshack:

Then there's my favorite - coach Tony Hughes as James Brown.  Summer movie character or not, that hair.... [/spin move] WATCH ME!

Not to be forgotten, there's Wendy Peppercorn (Lee Davis) saving squints (Joey Fitzgerald) in the infamous scene from The Sandlot.  Well done!

And finally, here's the group shot of everyone who was at the party.  Also note coach Collins as Jimmy Fallon's character from Fever Pitch.  Now all I picture is Fallon yelling Juice Points on his show.