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This Week in MSU Baseball

A look at what's to come for the Diamond Dawgs, and a look at some stats.

State has started the season 4-0, dominating Portland by a score of 31-3 for the weekend. Those boys came all the way from Oregon to get their tails handed to them, and then go back. And they have to wear purple. Ouch.

Coming up this week is Grambling State on Tuesday followed by The Diamond Classic presented by Polk's Meat Products this weekend.

Grambling State started the season getting swept by Northwestern State, so they are 0-3. Brandon Woodruff is expected to make the start, and it would be his first appearance of the year. So, MSU held Portland to only 3 runs over 4 games and perhaps our best pitcher did not even take the hill. Hopefully Woodruff will be able to get a few solid, pain-free innings in and build off that.

For The Diamond Classic this weekend, Samford and Purdue come to Dudy Noble. Both of those teams made the tournament last year, with Purdue hosting a Regional. And, of course, we know all to well about Samford - who single-handedly eliminated MSU from the Tallahassee Regional last season.

Purdue is 2-2 so far, and the game at 6:00 on Friday will be their second of the day (play Samford at 3:30). Samford is 3-1 and MSU's first crack at them will be Saturday at 3:00. State will play two on Saturday (Purdue, 6:00), and round the weekend out with Samford at 2:30 on Sunday.


A lot of guys saw action for the first time this past weekend. Perhaps the most impressive newcomer was Jacob Robson who went 2 for 5 (.400) with a RBI and a walk; he did strikeout three times, however.

Adam Fraizer started off hot with a .500 average (8 for 16).

Mitch Slauter leads in average (.667) and RBI (4) among starters.

Wes Rea, C.T. Bradford and Slauter all have one home run.

Each MSU player with over 10 at-bats is hitting over .300 (Demarcus Henderson, Bradford, Frazier, Trey Porter and Hunter Renfroe).

Everyone except Trevor Fitts (4.50) got out of the first weekend with a sparkling E.R.A. under 2.0.

John Marc Shelly, Preston Brown and Myles Gentry all made their first appearances as a Bulldog and combined for 3 innings with 0 runs.

Kendall Graveman, Luis Pollorena, Ross Mitchell and Jacob Lindgren are all 1-0. Johnathan Holder has one save.

Graveman leads with 6 1/3 innings pitched. C.T. Bradford even pitched 1/3 of an inning.