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After Saturday, MSU now holds top ten on-campus attendances for NCAA baseball

Another large turnout at Dudy Noble gives MSU a pretty cool place in NCAA baseball history.

Mississippi State University |

Saturday was just another beautiful day at Dudy Noble Field - the sun was shining, grills were fired up from foul pole to foul pole, and maroon and white was everywhere as far as the eye could see. As the game's latter innings began to role around, all in attendance found out that the game we attended -- a subsequent 6-0 win over Auburn -- was the second largest attendance in Dudy Noble Field history at 14,562. The attendance fell just 400 or so short of the on-campus NCAA attendance record of 14,991, set by State in a Saturday doubleheader against Florida in 1989.

Sure, it would have been great for State to break the record Saturday, but even without doing so, State made its mark in another way on the attendance record books. With Saturday's attendance coming in as the second largest all time on campus, Mississippi State now holds all ten of the top ten attendances on campus, all time. The win bumped out a LSU home game against Alabama, which was the last remaining game in the top ten that didn't take place at Dudy Noble Field. Here's a quick look at how it looks now at that the top, with dates, opponents, and attendance:

Date Opponent Attendance
April 22, 1989 Florida 14,991
April 20, 2013 Auburn 14,562
April 16, 1988 LSU 14,556
April 25, 1992 Arkansas 13,761
June 9, 2007 Clemson 13,715
April 8, 2006 Georgia 13,617
April 15, 2000 Ole Miss 13,123
April 24, 2003 Auburn 12,708
June 8, 2007 Clemson 12,620
April 6, 2002 Georgia 12,360

What else is cool is that should MSU continue to play well this season and earn a hosting spot, then there's a good chance that they could either break the overall record, or add to that stranglehold of the top spots in the on-campus attendance ranks.

Hail State.