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State nears new home season attendance record at Dudy Noble Field

With four home games left to play, State fans have put the home attendance record for Dudy Noble Field squarely in our sights.

Mississippi State University | Russ Houston

In the midst of completing a clean sweep of the Alabama Crimson Tide with this afternoon's 7-6 win in 11 innings, Mississippi State saw its season record improve to 36-13, and its chance of hosting a regional become more and more likely. Although the final two weeks of the season will determine for sure what MSU's postseason fate holds, there is one accomplishment in MSU's near future that is almost a certainty.

Sunday's announced attendance of 6,272 brought the total Dudy Noble Field attendance for the 2013 season up to 213,054. That total, even with four games remaining on the schedule, is good enough to best last season's 206,920 total, and is the best since a total of 222,072 watched State play at home in 2007.

So, back to those four remaining games left -- one against Oral Roberts and three against South Carolina. State needs just an average of 4,991 people at each of the final four games to break the all-time season attendance record at Dudy Noble Field. That record was set in 2003 when 233,015 people watched games in the house that Ron Polk built.

Top five season attendances at Dudy Noble Field

Year Attendance Games Average
2003 233,015 36 6,472
2007 222,072 32 6,939
2013 213,054 (so far)
33 6,456
2004 211,137 33 6,398
2005 208,765 33 6,326

Oh, and that 2003 season? Coincidentally, that was the last time MSU hosted a regional at Dudy Noble. Will we see that happen again this year? We should know soon. For now, what we know is that the diamond dog faithful are close to setting a new attendance record for the cathedral of college baseball.

Hail State