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Starkville Regional Championship Open Thread

Game 7 is upon us...


I you'd like a place to discuss the game, or just read other people discussing the game. Here you go guys and gals.

Here is where you can watch it if you have WatchESPN access.

Pitching matchup

Bracewell vs. Biggerstaff

Bracewell's 2nd start of the year. The first one sucked: faced 4 batters, hit two walked two gave up three. No outs recorded vs. Arkansas.

Biggerstaff is their #3 starter. He pitched a complete game against us in Game 3 of the regular season series. He threw 74 pitches finishing off their game vs. Mercer on Saturday.

UCA Lineup

  1. Allday
  2. Davis
  3. Harris
  4. Marchal
  5. Marietta
  6. ZImmerle
  7. Brown
  8. Trece
  9. Moon
MSU Lineup
  1. Frazier
  2. Detz
  3. Renfroe
  4. Pirtle
  5. Rea
  6. Bradford
  7. Frost
  8. Henderson
  9. Ammirati

The infamous UCA "whistler"...

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The UCA Whistler! (via mstateathletics)