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MSU Baseball Pollwatchin': Week Two

State takes a bit of a dive in the polls after a very disappointing 2-3 week.

This past week's results could be summed up with this picture, I guess.
This past week's results could be summed up with this picture, I guess.

It's safe to say that this week's edition of Pollwatchin' won't be nearly as enjoyable for MSU fans as last week's was.  State is coming off an abysmal week of play in which they lost a midweek game against Memphis that they had won and two games over the weekend to a seemingly overmatched Holy Cross squad.  Add to insult the season-ending injury today to ace reliever John Marc Shelly, and this past week was one to forget.  Still, it's important to remember that baseball season is just two weeks old, and there is a lot of baseball still left to play.  The rest of the season gets kicked off this week as MSU sees a trio of paired games against Mount Saint Mary's, Eastern Illinois, and Michigan State.  Let's see where MSU stands in the polls as they begin this week:

Pollwatchin': Week Two
Poll Ranking Previous Link
Baseball America 18 7 BA
College Baseball Newspaper 18 2 CBN
Perfect Game 10 5 PG

Honestly, this is about what I expected for State after the rough week last week.  I really wondered if they might tumble even further, but I think voters see that the potential is still there.  I think the talent is present; MSU just HAS to find a way to cut down on mistakes.  Like I said to open, it's way too early to panic on this team.  Two weeks into a season is still within the time it can take a young team that's filling in some key holes to figure things out.  Did any of us expect that?  Definitely not.  But that doesn't mean that this team doesn't still need some time to find its way.  Who knows if they'll end up living up to our expectations or not this year.  All I know is that they deserve time to figure it out (I just hope it's sooner rather than later).