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Left Field Lounge makes an impression on Vanderbilt starter Jared Miller

The Saturday starter for the Commodores came away from the weekend series in Starkville impressed with Dudy Noble and its fans.

As lifelong Mississippi State fans, it can be easily sometimes to forget just how good we have it when it comes to baseball facilities and our fellow fans. When opposing teams come in for a weekend series, though, we are reminded by their players and an outside perspective just how awesome Dudy Noble, our fans, as well as Left Field Lounge, really are.

The most recent visiting player to come away with a positive impression was Vanderbilt Saturday starting pitcher Jared Miller, who found time on Sunday to go out and visit with the opposing fans that had been cheering against him just hours before on Saturday night:

Miller is just the latest in a long line of visiting players to be greeted and then fed by Left Field Loungers, and he certainly won't be the last. Still, every time I see another player post on social media how awesome the fans were or how much he enjoyed Dudy Noble, I'm reminded how lucky we all are to be MSU baseball fans. Oh, and as we are all (mostly) southern, we would be regretful if we did not display our southern hospitality and class towards opposing players, even if it means by wishing them the best of luck going forward on the bottom of a Styrofoam plate:

We're glad you enjoyed your visit Jared, and now that our matchup with you is behind us, we do wish you the best for the rest of the season.