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MSU Baseball Pollwatchin': Week Seven Results

It's "All Alright" as MSU continues moving up the charts after winning its third straight SEC series to open 2014 conference play.

Mississippi State University | Bill Simmonds

Three up, three down.  That phrase applies to a quick inning in baseball, and it also refers to MSU's first three series in conference play - all of which the Bulldogs have one.  The 6-3 start is the exact opposite of what the Bulldogs put together to start last year's SEC slate, so State fans feel much better right now after three weekends in conference than we did last year.

As a result of yet another series win, State's movement in the polls continued in an upward motion, and thus things are "All Alright" in Starkville.  Let's take a quick look at this week's poll theme song before we look at the polls themselves:

You should read more into the song title and less into the full song lyrics themselves.  Anywho, here's this week's polls:

Pollwatchin': Week Seven
Poll Ranking Previous Link
Baseball America 9 16 BA
College Baseball Newspaper 10
16 CBN
Perfect Game 9 13 PG
USA Today/Coaches 12 15 USAT

As you can see, MSU has finally found its way back into the top ten where they started the season.  Polls don't mean anything, sure, but it's nice to see State continue to rise as a result of the way the Bulldogs have played the past few weeks.  Let's hope that solid play continues this weekend.

Hail State