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2014 NCAA College Baseball Tournament Projections: Is State headed to Lafayette?

College baseball writers and analysts seem to think that the Bulldogs will indeed head to Lafayette, setting up what should be a fun regional and a potentially even more fun super regional.


Remember what I wrote yesterday about MSU's prospects for a regional?  Yeahhhhh, so people who get paid money to follow the sport and project these things have much, much different opinions than I.  If you were wondering, yes, I would trust theirs far and away over mine, so let's take one final look at the projections before the announcement at 11 a.m. this morning.

Baseball America: #2 seed at the Lafayette Regional (paired with Oxford Regional for supers)
Chasing Omaha: #2 seed at the Lafayette Regional (paired with Oxford Regional for supers)
Perfect Game: #2 seed at the Lafayette Regional (paired with Oxford Regional for supers)

Either these guys are locked in on the same info or they all got together about 9 last night and said screw it I'm tired let's just copy these.  Either way, there seems to be overwhelming support for the notion that Mississippi State will head to UL-Lafayette's regional as the #2 seed this year.  While I think that's a bit of a rip on MSU given that Lafayette will be a national seed, I think it makes for an interesting regional, and one where Bulldog fans can hopefully travel well and with ease.

What makes the projections even better is that the Lafayette Regional is paired with the Oxford Regional for supers.  I would never condone looking past UL-Lafayette for the second round - I mean, they are a national seed for a reason people - but you can't tell me that a super regional in Oxford between MSU and Ole Miss wouldn't be insane.  Again, there's a loooooooot of baseball to be played between now and then, and we still have to wait and see if these projections hold true.

We should know something shortly after 11 a.m. this morning.

Hail State