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2014 Lafayette Regional: How to watch, bracket, game schedule and times

Here's all of your basic info on how to watch the 2014 Lafayette Regional, the bracket, game times, and more.


Now that we've put our collective rage aside on tickets and are focusing on San Diego State tomorrow, let's talk about how this regional looks and lays out for each of the four teams this weekend.  We'll do our best in this post to let you know how you can watch, when the games will be, and so forth, but if we leave something out just let us know in the comments and we'll come back and add it in.

I've tried my best below to set you up with a bracket for the weekend that we'll update as games are completed.  This should help give you an idea of how the games will work once teams start winning or losing, and which games will be played when.  There is a fastest path through this regional - win Friday, win Saturday, win Sunday -, and then there is the toughest path - lose Friday or Saturday, win Friday or Saturday, win Sunday, win Monday.  Teams that have gone on to Super Regionals have done it every which way that's possible, so don't count anyone out if they lose on Friday.  Still, the ideal place for any of the four teams is heading into Sunday with no losses.

How to Watch

Unfortunately, none of MSU's games will be on ESPNU, or ESPN2 this weekend.  All Bulldog games will however be available on WatchESPN, which you may or may have access to depending on your internet provider.  The good news is that if you DO have WatchESPN, you'll get to watch pretty much every regional game this weekend for all 16 regionals.  A few were also selected to (possibly) be on TV (ESPN2 or ESPNU), including the Corvallis, Stillwater, Houston, Tallahassee, Louisville, Nashville, and Charlottesville Regionals.

If you're old school and/or don't have access to WatchESPN then I would suggest as always tuning in Jim and Bart on the Bulldog Radio Network (list of affiliates here).  For those of you out of state that want to listen, remember you can dial the guys up on the TuneIn Radio App at one of the listed stations as well.

Bracket and Game Times

2014 Lafayette Regional

Friday, May 30th - Monday, June 2nd, 2014
Lafayette, Louisiana
M.L. "Tigue" Moore Field
Game 1
2- MSU
3 - San Diego St.
Friday, 1 p.m. CT
Game 4
Game 1 winner
Game 2 winner
Saturday, 6 p.m. CT
Game 7
Game 4 winner
Game 5 winner
Monday, 6 p.m. CT
(if necessary)
Game 2
1- #6 UL-Lafayette
4 - Jackson State
Friday, 6 p.m. CT
Game 6
Game 4 winner
Game 5 winner
Sunday, 6 p.m. CT
Game 5
Game 4 loser
Game 3 winner
Sunday, 1 p.m. CT
Game 3
Game 1 loser
Game 2 loser
Saturday, 1 p.m. CT

Be on the look out for open threads throughout the weekend to discuss all games MSU-related or not.