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Friday Discussion: If you played baseball, what would your "walk out song" be?

Here's a few that FWtCT would pick from, but what would yours be?

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

This often comes up when a new baseball season comes around, so I'm interested to see what you guys and girls think. Last week, we had some internal discussion amongst the group at FWtCT as to what our walk out songs would be if we played for MSU's baseball team. Here are a few of the songs that came up:

"Hypnotize" - Notorious B.I.G

"Tearing Away" - Drowning Pool

"This Fire Burns" - Killswitch Engage

"Don't You Forget About Me" - Simple Minds

"In the Air Tonight" (when the beats kicks in the chorus) - Phil Collins

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" - Metallica

"Melissa" - Allman Brothers Band

This is just a few of the many that were listed. But I'm curious, if you guys and girls had to pick a song to walk up to the plate to at Dudy Noble Field, what would it be?

P.S. - After further consideration, here's what I changed mine to (the part around :30 where the drop is):

Metallica - I Disappear [Official Music Video] (via MetallicaTV)