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Printable 2013 NCAA Tournament Bracket

Sure, State isn't in the tournament this year, but that doesn't mean we don't still support your obsession with March Madness.

You know you want to get your printable bracket here.
You know you want to get your printable bracket here.

March Madness time is here folks - and although Mississippi State isn't dancing this year, there's still a lot of reason to watch this year's tournament (true for every year, no?). Even I -- the self-proclaimed apathetic college basketball fan -- enjoy this time of year, when David slays Goliath, and the "Bryce Drew beating Ole Miss" clip makes its way to my television before nearly every game.

All that being said -- we wanted to pass along one of the most essential parts of March Madness to you: the printable bracket. Thanks to our overlords at, we ==> have this lovely printable bracket <==, just for you!

Download it, print it, have your girlfriend fill it out based on which team's schools colors go best with her current outfit, whatever suits your fancy. I don't yet know if we'll do a bracket challenge here, but if we do, I will let you guys know asap.

We may also get the writers to pick the games as well, just to prove how much we (outside of Braden and Rob) know about shooty hoops.