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Week 13 CFB Schedule, TV Info, Viewing Guide, Odds and Scores

All of the information that you need for week 13 of the college football season can be found right here - TV info, full top 25 schedule, viewing guide, odds, and scores.

Streeter Lecka

Wow, what a weekend week 12 turned out to be in college football. We've all come to expect the unexpected in this wacky game that we love so much, but I'm not sure that any of us saw coming what transpired last Saturday. Not only did number one Kansas State go down, they went down HARD, taking a beating at the hands of the Baylor Bears. And if that was not enough for our insatiable upset appetites, the Stanford Cardinal went into Eugene, Oregon and upset the number two Oregon Ducks. Can you say BCS shakeup? And us down here in SEC country are loving it too. Now, let's turn our attention to college football's final major weekend of the regular season.

Week 12 picks review

2-2 [Got: LSU, Oregon State Missed: USC, Oregon]

Season to date: 30-23

I seriously did not give the Bruins of UCLA enough credit, and I seemed to have given too much to the Ducks.

Week 13 Top 25 / SEC College Football TV Schedule

Check out the complete football schedule here

All Times Central

(spreads are shown as they relate to the home team, via 5Dimes)

spreads from Wednesday






TCU at (16) Texas ESPN -7.5
10:00a.m. Ohio at (23) Kent State
ESPNU -9.5
11:00a.m. (14) Nebraska at Iowa
ABC +15
1:30p.m. (7) LSU at Arkansas CBS +12.5
2:30p.m. (25) Washington at Washington State FOX +13.5
9:00p.m. Arizona State at (24) Arizona ESPN -2.5
11:00a.m. Georgia Tech at (3) Georgia ESPN -13
11:00a.m. (18) Rutgers at Pittsburgh ESPN2 -2
11:00a.m. (19) Michigan at Ohio State ABC -3.5
11:00a.m. Connecticut at (20) Louisville Big East Network -11.5
11:21a.m. Kentucky at Tennessee SEC Network -13
2:00p.m. (5) Oregon at (15) Oregon State Pac-12 Network +9.5
2:30p.m. Auburn at (2) Alabama CBS -31
2:30p.m. (4) Florida at (10) Florida State ABC -8
2:30p.m. (21) Oklahoma State at (13) Oklahoma ESPN -7
2:30p.m. Vanderbilt at Wake Forest ESPNU +11.5
5:30p.m. (8) Stanford at (17) UCLA FOX +2
6:00p.m. Mississippi State at Mississippi ESPNU -1
6:00p.m. Missouri at (9) Texas A&M ESPN2 -22
6:00p.m. (12) South Carolina at (11) Clemson ESPN -4
7:00p.m. (1) Notre Dame at USC ABC +5.5

Viewer's Guide - What We're Watching

Friday Game of the Day

(7) LSU at Arkansas - CBS - 1:30p.m.

This has been a bigger game in year's past, but with the Hogs down, this is all but assured to be a big LSU victory. For Arkansas fans, the celebration comes when the clock reads 00:00, as this nightmare season ends, and the full-on search for a head coach begins. John Gruden whoop whoop!

Saturday With Breakfast

College Gameday - ESPN - 8a.m. to 11a.m.

The gang will originate the show from the campus The Coliseum on Saturday, as Notre Dame gets set to take on USC. I'm sure when they planned this trip awhile back the game was more appealing, but now, it seems like an assured ND victory. Everything that could go wrong has done so for USC this year, and frankly, the majority of America is not sad about it one bit. But, there is a sense of conflicting allegiances in the southern states as to who to root for in this one. You want USC to win so that it will be a high probability of an all-SEC NC game again, but we pretty much all hate Lane Kiffin with a passion. Should be interesting to see what type of crowd shows up for Gameday Saturday morning, and if there are an over-abundance of Fire Kiffin signs. Also, I hope Corso picks USC just so he can ride a flaming chariot across the set.

Early Morning Masochism

Kentucky at Tennessee - SEC Network - 11:21a.m.

Why in the world would I ever suggest watching this game? You may be asking yourself that very question, and with good reason, as both teams are having seasons they'd rather soon forget, and are being led by coaches who are on their way out (actually, Dooley is already gone). I suggest that you watch this game because with nothing left to play for for each team, this could just be an off the way, 92-91 arena football style game where no one is paying attention and the players just play both sides of the ball. Watch it because you secretly want Joker to go out by beating Tennessee 45-0. Watch it because you just love to watch games that are awful. But whatever you do, don't watch it because you think you'll be seeing Dooley's magnificent hair, because you won't. :(

Game of the Week

(4) Florida at (10) Florida - ABC - 2:00p.m.

This game is huge, not just because it is a great rivalry game, but because it holds national championship implications as well. SEC fans, definitely including MSU fans, should be rooting for Florida to win, as the Gators are still in the national title hunt. Why should we root for Florida? Simple: should Notre Dame lose to USC, that would mean that the winner of the SEC championship game would then face the #3 team in the BCS most likely, which would be Florida, should they win on Saturday. Again, huge matchup, and should be a fun game to watch. Jeff Driskel is going to play, but how effective can he be? I know FSU is favored, but they've yet to show me that they are a serious national contender in like the 15 years that they've been hyped as such. I think Florida grinds this one out.

Other notable games

(8) Stanford at (17) UCLA - FOX - 5:30p.m.

It's weird to think that these two teams could face off two weeks in a row, but that is exactly the case, should Stanford win this weekend. The Cardinal and Bruins lead their respective divisions of the Pac-12 currently, and if Stanford wins, they would meet again next weekend to decide the Pac-12 champion. Both teams are coming off of huge victories, and it will be interesting to see how each responds in this game. Should be fun to watch.

(12) South Carolina at (11) Clemson - ESPN - 7p.m.

Another fun rivalry game that carries serious bowl implications for not only the two teams playing but many behind them. Should Clemson win, there is still an outside chance that the Tigers sneak into the BCS, if things shake up in front of them this weekend. Win or lose, though, the Tigers by all appearances are headed to the Chick Fil A Bowl, where they will face off with another SEC opponent. I am interested to see how Clemson's offense matches up against this talented defense of South Carolina, and more specifically, how or if they are able to block Jadaveon Clowney. Another fun game to watch this weekend.

(1) Notre Dame at USC - ABC - 7:00p.m.

What's weirder: seeing Notre Dame at number one, or seeing USC not ranked at all? For me it's the former, and the Fighting Irish are just one win away from their first national championship appearance in quite some time. The odds seemed to be in their favor, as USC will be without QB Matt Barkley this weekend. But stranger things have happened (see: last weekend), and you never know how teams or players will play in a rivalry game. A lot of SEC fans rooting for the Trojans this weekend, despite a deep seeded hate for Lane Kiffin.

Saturday Scoreboard