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Championship Weekend Schedule, TV Info, Viewing Guide, Odds, and Scores

All of the information that you need for championship weekend of the college football season can be found right here - TV info, full top 25 schedule, viewing guide, odds, and scores.

The nation's #2 and #3 teams will battle for this trophy and a berth in the NC game this weekend in the ATL
The nation's #2 and #3 teams will battle for this trophy and a berth in the NC game this weekend in the ATL
Kevin C. Cox

As we all put up our Christmas trees and decorate the lawn with LED deer, it's time for the annual college football season championship weekend. As the regular season has - for the most part - come to a close, several conferences will see their two best teams square off this weekend to find out who is the true conference champion. There are several huge games this weekend, one of which will take place in Atlanta. Let's take a look at the full football schedule for the weekend, and we will even tell you who we will be watching tonight and all day tomorrow in college football's championship weekend.

Championship Weekend College Football TV Schedule

All Times Central

(spreads are shown as they relate to the home team, via 5Dimes)






6:30p.m. Louisville 20, Rutgers 17


(21) N. Illinois vs. (17) Kent State ESPN2 +7
7:00p.m. (16) UCLA at (8) Stanford FOX -9
11:00p.m. (11) Oklahoma at TCU ESPN +6
11:00p.m. (23) Oklahoma State at Baylor FX +5
11:00p.m. UCF at Tulsa ESPN2 -2.5
1:30p.m. Nicholls State at (15) Oregon State Pac-12 Network N/A
1:30p.m. Kansas at West Virginia -20
2:00p.m. Middle Tennessee at Arkansas State ESPN3 -10
2:00p.m. UL-Lafayette at Florida Atlantic +9
2:30p.m. (20) Boise State at Nevada ABC (regional) +8.5
2:30p.m. Cincinnati at Connecticut ABC (regional) +4.5
3:00p.m. (2) Alabama vs. (3) Georgia CBS +8
3:00p.m. New Mexico State at Texas State -13.5
6:00p.m. Pittsburgh at South Florida ESPN2 +7
7:00p.m. (18) Texas at (6) Kansas State ABC -10.5
7:00p.m. (13) Florida State vs. Georgia Tech ESPN +14
7:17p.m. (12) Nebraska vs. Wisconsin FOX +3
10:00p.m. South Alabama at Hawaii N/A

Viewer's Guide - What We're Watching

Friday Games of the Day

(21) N. Illinois vs. (17) Kent State - ESPN2 - 6:00p.m.

It's the battle for ALL OF THE MACTION as Northern Illinois and Kent State square off tonight at Detroit's Ford Field. Tonight's game is also a battle for a BCS spot, as the Golden Flashes are most likely headed to one of college football's big boy bowls as the highest non-AQ school left standing Sunday. But it won't be easy for them, as Northern Illinois is having a great season of their own. No matter who wins here, this game should be fun to watch. I mean, it's #MACtion, how could it not be?

Watchability Factor: 9 - This game will provide points and is sure to provide plenty of entertainment. If you are couch jockeying it this evening, make sure to check this one out.

(16) UCLA vs. (8) Stanford - FOX - 7:00p.m.

It seems like we just did this game. Oh wait, we did! That's right: due to both of these teams winning their respective divisions in the Pac-12, they will face off for the second straight weekend, but this time, it's for the conference's championship. In last weekend's game, Stanford dominated the Bruins in Los Angeles, and will look to do so again this weekend. Can UCLA figure out the Cardinal this time? Or will it be Stanford who heads to the Rose Bowl when all is said and done on Friday night? We will find out in just a few short minutes, but if I was a betting man, I would bet on the Stanford Cardinal to get the win at home.

Watchability Factor: 7.5 - I don't want to rank this game too high, because it's kind of like a movie that you've already seen and know how the ending plays out. You may be better going to watch a movie that you haven't seen, like Skyfall or Flight or Lincoln.

Championship Saturday

(2) Alabama vs. (3) Georgia - CBS - 3:00p.m.

College football's first semifinal game disguises itself as the SEC championship Saturday as Alabama and Georgia face off. Both teams know what is at stake in this game, and both should be fully healthy and ready to go. Despite Georgia's great season to this point, I still have to think that Alabama has the edge in this one. Nick Saban always has his team ready for big games, and Saturday in Atlanta should be know different. This game could go either way, yes, but if you were to ask me I would most likely say that I see Saban and Alabama holding that trophy up Saturday afternoon.

Watchability Factor: 9.5 - duh, it's a national semifinal. If you really are committed to the playoff system that's coming, you will tune in. Plus, bonus points for all of the gumps you will be able to spot and/or potentially laugh at as CBS scans the Alabama side of the crowROOOOLLLLL TTTAAAAHHHDDD.

(13) Florida State vs. Georgia Tech - ESPN - 7:00p.m.

It is a bit of a misnomer to call this a championship game, but Miami's forfeiting of its chance to play in this game due to impending NCAA sanctions granted the 6-6 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets a chance to represent the coastal division in the ACC championship game. This game could be interesting, or it could be a blowout in FSU's favor. I'm leaning towards that possibility, and the possibility that all - save FSU fans - are tuned to nearly anything besides this game by the middle of the second quarter.

Watchability Factor: 1.5 - I can think of about 1,543 things I would rather be watching than this game, and that list includes my wife's favorite show: Revenge. Should you find yourself bored enough to consider watching this game on Saturday evening, may I suggest reading a book, or even jogging. Yes, both activities would be more fun than watching this game, even if you are reading the Twilight series (NOTE: FWtCT is not responsible for those injured or who injure themselves while reading the Twilight series books. We are also not responsible for the glitter that mysteriously shows up when you read it, or the cleanup of said glitter.)

(12) Nebraska vs. Wisconsin - FOX - 7:17p.m.

Another game that doesn't truly feature conference winners because of NCAA sanctions, the B1G championship WILL feature Nebraska and Wisconsin. The two all-red teams faced off earlier in the year, with Nebraska getting the better of the Badgers. Can they do it again? I would say tune in to see, but this is another one that I will have a hard time convincing myself to pay attention to Saturday night.

Watchability Factor: 2. SEE: above for FSU and GT. Same applies here.

Saturday Scoreboard