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FWtCT Picks Championship Weekend

A special edition of the picks, where we pick the SEC championship winner and score, as well as winners in the rest of Saturday's championship battles across the country.

Can the Cardinal win RD 2 vs. UCLA tonight in Palo Alto for the Pac-12 crown? We weigh in
Can the Cardinal win RD 2 vs. UCLA tonight in Palo Alto for the Pac-12 crown? We weigh in
Ezra Shaw

With the regular season of college football for the most part behind us, we now turn our attention to championship weekend, when teams are able to claim conference crowns and for some, determine their BCS and National Championship game fates. Before we take a look at who the FWtCT staff is picking in this weekend's action, let's take a look at where the standings are after 13 weeks of bad decision making.


Miraculously, WCF still holds on to the top spot this week. He made it the entire regular season as the king of the FWtCT picks throne, and will enter championship weekend in the same position. Look out though, as Braden is still just one or two bad picks away from overtaking him. For the most part the standings look as they have for the last several weeks. I would say anything can happen, but it may not be this week that we see a change at the top. Maybe for bowl season, when everyone is forced to pick 35 games that could go either way. Should be fun. Now, let's take a look at this weekend's championship matchups, and who everyone has chosen as a winner.

  • As could be expected, there is a split as to who everyone thinks will win the SEC championship game. The score predictions seem to be in the same range, but the predicted winner varies from contributor to contributor. No matter who ends up winning, this should be a fun matchup to watch in what equates essentially to the national semifinal game.
  • In the second matchup in a row of UCLA and Stanford, looks like we all have faith in Stanford to win another one, and to secure the Pac-12 championship for 2012. I would be willing to bet that no one saw that one coming at the beginning of this season. Kudos to David Shaw.
  • In the "we want that BCS paper" matchup, it's Northern Illinois and Kent State. It looks like this game is split as well, with a few of us taking the Huskies and others taking the Golden Flashes. Should be a good game.
  • Nebraska and Wisconsin face of in the B1G championship game, and it looks like most expect Bo Pelini and the Huskers to prevail.
  • Florida State is a unanimous pick in the ACC championship game, as they should be.
  • Most think Tulsa should pull out the Conference USA championship, although Rob has faith in the Golden Knights.
  • In a non-championship game (in a traditional sense at least), Kansas State and Texas square off in a regular season finale for both teams. Looks like we all expect Colin Klein and company to take down the Longhorns here.

Well, those are our picks for the weekend. Who do you guys have picked to win?