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What if we had an 8-team Playoff?

How 'bout a Saturday full of playoff games...

Jonathan Ferrey

What if tomorrow was full of college football playoff games? Here we have a Saturday, but no good games, just a couple of worthless bowls. Wouldn't be awesome if we had four stellar playoff games tomorrow, or last Saturday?

I've long been a proponent of a college football playoff. I really like the idea of conference champions getting a leg up in a playoff, but I think 16 teams is too much. I'd like to see an 8-team playoff where the top 8 teams are selected regardless of conference and then seeded out. The top 4 seeds would be the conference champions and get home field advantage in the first round and then the semifinal and championship games would be played in a similar fashion to the 4-team playoff being decided upon now.

In a year like 2012, there are only three conference champions in the top 8 of the BCS because Notre Dame is an independent. If the Irish want to stay that way, they would need a year like this year to get a home-field game. So the seeding would be like this:

1. Notre Dame
2. Alabama (SEC Champs)
3. Kansas State (Big XII Champs)
4. Stanford (Pac-12 Champs)
5. Florida
6. Georgia
7. Oregon
8. LSU

(Oregon is actually ahead of Georgia in the final BCS standings, but to prevent a Bama/UGA rematch I switched them).

How about this slate of games today:

Noon - 6 Georgia at 3 Kansas State

3:00 - 7 Oregon at 2 Alabama

6:00 - 8 LSU at 1 Notre Dame

9:00 - 5 Florida at 4 Stanford

Wow. That would be a great day to just sit in the recliner and watch football. I would be excited about all of those games. If only.