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Alabama, Mississippi tweeting the most about college football so far in 2013

Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. WE LOOOOOVE FOOTBAWLLL. #PAAAWWWL

via Emory Sports Marketing Analytics (@sportsmktprof)

Are you ready for the least surprising results of a statistical analysis of college football, Twitter, and the United States?

Here you go:

CFB Tweets in 2013

Since the offseason began earlier this year, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, and West Virginia have been the most talkative about college football. This according to Emory Sports Marketing Analytics geo-based analysis of twitter conversations since the Alabama - Notre Dame national championship six months ago. According to that analysis, the percentage of Twitter conversations in each state that relates to college football are the highest in the five above listed states, in that order.

Someone might have to poke the folks up in Maine and remind them when football season does come back around next month.

[via Emory Sports Marketing Analytics]

[h/t The Mothership]