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2014 College Football Top 25 and SEC TV Schedule Week Seven: How To Watch, Game Times, Channels

Get all of your viewing information right here for another really good weekend of college football.

Baylor's brand new McLane Stadium hosts a quietly underrated game this weekend.
Baylor's brand new McLane Stadium hosts a quietly underrated game this weekend.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we had a promising schedule of college football games, and last week, those games delivered.  It was a bad day if you were a fan of a top ten team, but a great day for those of us that live in the Magnolia state as well as Fort Worth, Tuscon, and others around the country.  There was a major shakeup in the top ten, and this week promises yet another fun weekend where we have no idea what to expect going in.  Let's get right to it.

Breakfast: College Gameday

Two weeks ago I loathed openly the idea of South Carolina getting College Gameday because I was so sure it would cost MSU any shot of hosting this week.  Things worked out anyways (/high fives Arizona and Utah), and the crew is headed to Starkville for the first time ever.  As a State fan I can't begin to describe how excited I am or the town is about this.  Expect a Dak pun-heavy sign group; expect LOTS of clanga.  Expect corso to hold up a live Bulldog puppy while ringing a cowbell, and then expect us to all collapse in a moment of pure jubilation.  Or he puts the Tiger head on and we all collectively start some sort of anti-Cam Newton cheer.  That could happen too (oh yes, there will be Cam signs).

Brunch: Texas vs. Oklahoma [or] Georgia at Missouri

With all that's on tap this weekend, I completely forgot that the Red River Rivalry happens on Saturday.  With Oklahoma coming off of a loss and Texas still trying to figure out who Texas is, that may be all there is to say about this game.  Although weird things do happen at the old Cotton Bowl.

In Columbia, the Tigers welcome a Georgia team that is suddenly without Heisman-hopeful Todd Gurley.  Gurley is suspended in short because he signed a bunch of stuff for a small amount of cash, and then the same guy who sold it for him turned around and attempted to rat him out.  Really weird situation.  Anyways, Georgia is healthy at every other position, and don't forget Keith Marshall or (no that's not Herschel Walker) Nick Chubb.  Still think this is a good game.

Mid-Afternoon: Auburn at Mississippi State [or] TCU at Baylor [bonus or] Oregon at UCLA

For the second straight weekend my team is in the spotlight in an early game at home, and for the second straight week I'm nervous about it.  I do think MSU is more suited on defense to stop the run, but Auburn is a complete football game.  This game is a tossup, and could be yet another ulcer-inducing, tight game late.

This is without a doubt the best game that few are talking about this weekend, and it was put into that position by TCU's upset of Oklahoma last weekend.  Now all of a sudden this is a top-ten matchup, and the winner controls their own destiny in the Big 12.  Baylor's offense is impressive, but how will they do against their first real test this year?  Should be a fun one.

Out in Pasadena, the Ducks and Bruins are licking their wounds with both coming off of devastating upset losses at home.  This game was a lock for Gameday and playoff implications, and now it has been taken down a peg.  I still think this is a great game though, and I still think UCLA wins.

Evening: Alabama at Arkansas [or] Ole Miss at Texas A&M

The evening slate features a pretty solid SEC West doubleheader, with Alabama traveling to Fayetteville early and Ole Miss to College Station for the late game.  I expect Alabama and Arkansas to be low scoring and Ole Miss-A&M to be high scoring, so watch them both be the opposite.  Alabama is looking to rebound after last week, and Ole Miss is looking to avoid the letdown (on the road against an angry Aggie team).

And now, here's your full Top 25 and SEC schedule for week seven:

6 p.m. BYU - 24
UCF - 31
6 p.m.
Washington State
No. 25 Stanford
9:15 p.m.
San Diego State
New Mexico
11 a.m.
No. 1 Florida State
11 a.m. Texas
No. 11 Oklahoma
11 a.m. No. 13 Georgia
No. 23 Missouri
11 a.m. Illinois
11 a.m. Louisiana-Monroe
11:30 a.m. Duke
No. 22 Georgia Tech
2:30 p.m. No. 2 Auburn
No. 3 Mississippi State
2:30 p.m. No. 9 TCU
No. 5 Baylor
Abc_hd_medium or
2:30 p.m. North Carolina
No. 6 Notre Dame
2:30 p.m. No. 8 Michigan State
Abc_hd_medium or
2:30 p.m. No. 12 Oregon
No. 18 UCLA
3 p.m. Louisville
3 p.m. No. 16 Oklahoma State
3 p.m. Chattanooga
5 p.m. No. 7 Alabama
5 p.m. Washington
6 p.m. No. 19 East Carolina
South Florida
6 p.m. Penn State
6:30 p.m.
8 p.m. No. 3 Ole Miss
No. 14 Texas A&M
9:30 p.m. USC
No. 10 Arizona