Forget billboards, these days our marketing department is coming up with more and more clever ways...


Forget billboards, these days our marketing department is coming up with more and more clever ways to advertise for Mississippi State: like across the chest of a former Vice Presidential candidate's daughter on Lifetime. If you are coming up blank on who that is, that's Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol, who apparently is famous enough to have a show on Lifetime? I expect Ole Miss to counter by getting Coach Freeze a cameo on the next Madea movie (via Sixpackspeak)

Rodney Hood officially transfers to Duke


The long drawn out Rodney Hood transfer saga is over, as it was announced over the weekend that Rodney will officially transfer to Duke University. Hood will have to sit out a year, then will most likely be a "one and done" player for the Blue Devils, at least that's what he told Arnett Moultrie. We wish Rodney the best going forward, and I certainly hate to see him go. I think all has been said that needs to be said about why he transferred and in the end it doesn't matter, if someone doesn't want to be at Mississippi State, then we certainly don't want them here either. You never, EVER want to lose a blue chip recruit and potential NBA 1st Rounder, but he's gone, and thus we move on without him.

Outstanding, although I would have gone with "I don't always get drafted, but when I do, I do it in...


Outstanding, although I would have gone with "I don't always get drafted, but when I do, I do it in the 1st Round" (photo courtesy of MSU / HailStateBEAT)

Freshmen, Schuessler and Perkins leaving the football team


Freshman football players Nick Schuessler (QB) and Adarrius Perkins (WR) will not be on the roster this fall. It appears as though both players were simply homesick after a couple weeks of summer school in Starkville. This opens up two scholarships from the 2012 signing class. At QB, Jamil Golden out of Memphis, TN walked-on a while back, and he will likely be the recipient of one of them and the 3rd string role. Scheussler will head back home and try to make a decision about his future. Perkins seems headed for a juco.

BCS no more: University Presidents approve College Football Playoff


In the biggest news of the summer so far, university presidents met with conference commissioners yesterday afternoon, and when the meeting subsided, we had ourselves a 4-team college football playoff. The playoff replaces the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), which for the past 14 years has determined 1/2 of college football's national champion. The playoff comes into play in 2014, and will be around for at LEAST 12 years. #RIPBCS, we hardly knew ye

"Play With the Best" Billboard was a NCAA Violation


When you mess with a downtrodden school who has a lot of lawyers, you end up with this: NCAA violation with minor self-imposed penalties. Basically, Chad Thomas is going to have to go to a NCAA rules seminar for opening his trap and MSU "promises" not to let coaches have input into what a billboard may or may not say. Congrats to Ole Miss on this victory, now let us get back to polishing our Egg Bowl Trophy.

Rock M Nation (Missouri's SBNation Site) is taking a look at MSU this week


Our brethren in the SBNation bloggosphere, Rock M Nation, are preparing their faithful Missouri following for their entrance into the SEC this fall. The guys are dedicating weeks during the summer months to previewing all things relevant for each SEC school, and this week they're focusing on Mississippi State. I would highly encourage you guys to go over there and check it out: Bill C. and the rest of the gang do an outstanding job. Also make sure to sign up and share your interesting MSU stories with them so that they can know more about us.

via our buddy Shane (@SBCoffeehouse), here's the new design at the intersection of University Drive...

via our buddy Shane (@SBCoffeehouse), here's the new design at the intersection of University Drive and Maxwell Street. What do you guys think? It's definitely better than I thought it would be, based on this sketch released last week. Still could have been more MSU-based, but whatever I guess. All hail the Maxwell-University Sun God Mural!

ESPN's Chris Low ranks MSU football facilities 9th


Chris Low, ESPN's lead SEC blogger, today compiled a ranking of the SEC football facilities. MSU came in 9th out of 14 (list includes new members aTm and Mizzou), but Chris appears to have not updated his info on the new football facility: "The Bulldogs are breaking ground on a new $25 million football complex sometime this year..." Try LAST year, Christopher. Do you agree with this ranking? At first I thought we were ranked low, but there are some really good facilities ahead of us.

2012 MLB Draft Today, Stratton Awaits Fate


Tupelo native and MSU junior pitcher Chris Stratton awaits his highly expected 1st Round selection tonight as the 2012 MLB Draft begins. Stratton (@cstratton28), the 2012 SEC Pitcher of the Year, still remains neutral about staying or leaving but it's assumed by most he won't return for a 2013 senior campaign. Completely understandable given the predictions MLB scouts, analysts, and blogs/websites are anticipating. Here are a few: has him going to No. 24 (Boston) No. 13 (Chicago White Sox) No. 15 (Cleveland) No. 15 (Cleveland) No. 13 (Chicago White Sox) Regardless of his decision, Chris has been a huge part of MSU baseball's success for three years. Bulldogs and even many Bulldog foes have respected his presence on the mound since his arrival in Starkville. Be on the lookout for other Bulldogs drafted in later rounds, too. Tonight's coverage of Round 1 will begin at 6 p.m. Central on the MLB Network. It'll also stream live at ESPN will show "Breaking News" updates along its banner at the bottom of the screen, too. You can allow follow the Draft live on Twitter by searching the hashtag #MLBdraft or follow them at @MLBDraft.