Are These the Mississippi State Bulldogs Cleats for the LSU Game?


Mississippi State has sported some out there items since hooking up with Adidas, but if the Bulldogs wear these against the LSU Tigers, I don't even know what it means anymore.

This came from a post on SixPack Speak, so we don't know if this is legit or not, but they are all Mississippi State in the look.

How do you feel about them? What about if that logo was on the helmet?

We need Adidas to make this t-shirt ASAP


Ben Howland is now MSU's basketball coach and FWtCT is here with an essential t-shirt design to get the #HowlState era of MSU basketball started off right. FWtCT legend, CristilMethod, made the design and if this is not everything you've ever wanted in a t-shirt, maybe you need to reevaluate your priorities. If Adidas actually made this shirt, we guarantee we'd buy at least like 10 of them for each of our writers. Personally, I think it would look great on MSU's whole student section during the Ole Miss game next year. But that's just my humble opinion...

Dillon Day taking in WWE Fastlane


Well, it looks like Dillon Day is taking in WWE Fastlane tonight. I hate he had to watch that Goldust-Stardust match. Wonder if he is for Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns.

Wake Forest transfer center Cory Helms picks South Carolina


Helms was a target of Mississippi State's, and visited Starkville last weekend. He left impressed with MSU after his visit, with visits to Texas A&M, South Carolina and Penn State remaining at that time. It looks like Cory found what he was looking for on his visit this weekend to Columbia.

Dan sported the greatest sweater ever tonight, so we made a minor tweak


Dan sported the above sweater earlier tonight so we had to made one minor tweak*

Dan has absolutely owned the Cousin Eddie comparisons this fall, first saying this on ESPN and now rocking this amazing sweater to a Christmas party. Best year in school history and proving himself to be hilarious? Pretty strong 2014 for Dan.

Fletcher Cox's sack dance against the Panthers


Get it, big man. Dance like no one is watching. (via The Big Lead).

Share your favorite MSU memory on Homecoming week


My favorite part of gameday is seeing the stadium fill up before the game on a beautiful day. As we prepare for Homecoming this week, we invite you to share your favorite memories of the Mississippi State Bulldogs! Hail State!

Dak Prescott is on the cover of ESPN the Magazine


Dak is on his third magazine cover of the year. This time it's ESPN the Magazine.