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Gator Bowl To Allow Cowbells For 2013 Game

Cowbells were allowed back in 2011, and AD Scott Stricklin announced today that they will be allowed this year as well.

Butch Dill

When it was announced that Mississippi State would again be attending the Gator Bowl on New Year's Day, many of us were hopeful that cowbells would be again be allowed at EverBank Field, as they were when MSU beat Michigan 52-14 there back in 2011.

But no such announcement was officially made as to whether or not the bells would be allowed this year. Until now, that is.

Although this was expected, it's nice to finally know for sure that cowbells will be allowed when State takes on the Northwestern Wildcats on New Year's Day 2013 in Jacksonville.

From the tweet, I take it that ringing responsibly will be encouraged, aka, ring them as you would at a home game.

Hail State!