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Gator Bowl Ticket Sales Update: MSU nears 9,000, Northwestern up 47% from last year

Mississippi State says its nearing the 9,000 tickets sold mark, while Northwestern is up 47% from some number sold last year.

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Almost now two weeks after bowl game selections were announced, I imagine most of you, like myself, had begun to wonder how ticket sales were going for both MSU as well as Northwestern for the Gator Bowl. We finally recieved an update this week on both, albeit Northwestern's is quite ambiguous:

I do not know how this compares to last year's Music City Bowl ticket sales, but it leaves about 6,000 remaining in the MSU allotment, that much I know.

So, how do things look on the Northwestern side?

That tells us absolutely nothing. Greenstein is referring to Northwestern's trip to the Texas Bowl last bowl season. My search for ticket sales numbers from last season resulted rendered a report much like the above one: very ambiguous. So, we know that they are selling 47% more than last year, we just do not know how many they sold last year. Why an athletics department would hide their ticket sales is beyond me, but nevertheless, Northwestern doesn't appear to be wanting to share their's.

A side note: although we would always encourage you to buy your tickets through the University, there are tickets available on StubHub for $2.40. No kidding.