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MSU Confirms 'Snow Bowl' Uniforms For Gator Bowl With Slight Tweak

We were close in our assumption yesterday that State would don the Snow Bowl unis for the second time this season in tomorrow's Gator Bowl. The Bulldogs will sport a part of the uniforms, with a few tweaks.

What, did a bunch of women take over this website?

The answer is no, but in case you are a woman reader and/or have interest in what State will be wearing so you can color coordinate your outfit with the team because you're into that, here is the official word on what State will be wearing tomorrow.

We had heard rumors leading up to today that State would again wear the Snow Bowl uniforms worn earlier this season against Texas A&M at home. That rumor proved to be true, but only partially, as State has added a bit of twist for tomorrow's New Year's Day game. The Bulldogs will, instead of the arena league Bully helmets worn the first time, don the matte maroon helmets with a silver outline and silver facemask. The Bulldogs will also sport the gray pants with the white Snow Bowl tops, instead of the white pants worn against A&M. This will be the first time State has worn the gray pants since the South Alabama game, when they were worn with the homestanding maroon jerseys.

Why does any of this matter? It doesn't. Actually, why are you here reading this and not watching bowl games?


Seriously, hurry up tomorrow at 11a.m.

Also, if you aren't already completely self conscious will all of this girly clothes talk, we found out today that Northwestern will be wearing some special gear tomorrow as well. The Wildcats were rumored to be wearing all black, but this photo tweeted out by a player earlier apparently nixed that. And, since the cat was out of the bag on new helmets for the Wildcats, the school tweeted out this better picture since that time:

Note: source photos come from MSU Football's Twitter feed (@mstateFB). The can be viewed in their original format there.