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Regular Season Rewind - Troy Game

The ugliness that was the escape in Troy.

Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE

What I remember most about this game was feeling like I was watching it underwater. ESPN3's telecast, or internetcast, or whatever, left a lot of be desired. By the 3rd quarter I ended up just turning it off and listening to Jim and Matt on the radio. It got close, real close, before State finally put the Trojans away, 30-24.

After watching what we thought was a convincing Auburn win (turned out to be fool's gold), we were all perplexed by State's defense giving up 572 yards of offense. Fortunately, they were able to capitalize on 4 turnovers by Troy - three of which were by Darius Slay (2 INT, 1 FR). Dropped passes for MSU wide outs were an epidemic - at least seven on the night. Chad Bumphis had one too, but that was his only blemish in a 6 reception, 180 yard, 3 touchdown performance. LaDarius Perkins also came up big, especially down the stretch, and rushed for 179 yards.

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This win gave State its first 3-0 start since 1999....and we'd go on to hear 'first since 1999' for the next several weeks. While the game was close, and certainly ugly, it was great to be 3-0 wasn't it?

There were two schools of thought on this game. 1 - it was a momentarily blip on the radar caused by what we all knew would be a "trap" game. 2 - there were serious concerns about the defense and their ability to stop a face paced spread offense. I was in the former group, and I was wrong, because when it came time to play Texas A&M and Ole Miss, the State D was exposed, badly.