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Regular Season Rewind - South Alabama Game

The Dawgs notch their 3rd win of the year vs. feline opponents.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

This game is what you call a yawner. Nothing really exciting happened (other than Johnthan Banks' 4th quarter INT), and State had it on cruise control all night.

Looking back, this game was perhaps the most unacceptable of all the games this year, except maybe Ole Miss. MSU came out, against an inferior opponent, and got 17 yards on 14 plays in the first quarter, three 3 and outs. They ended up getting 20 points in the 2nd quarter to take a nice lead into the half, but it was a sluggish, half-effort by the Bulldogs in the 30-10 win.

There was no 'relentless effort' in this game. You've got to at least try to bring it every game. The Dawgs didn't need to bring it to win this one, but all this game was about was preparing to beat the bigger fish...and it didn't do that. It was a going-through-the-motions type of game.

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