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Quick Hits: Mississippi State 20, Northwestern 34

Bulldogs season ending slide continues with 34-20 loss to the Wildcats.


I don't even know how to give you a quick recap of what we all just witnessed. At least not in detail. Not without becoming sick to my stomach.

Four Tyler Russell interceptions. Four. The man threw six the entire regular season. The second or third INT, I cannot remember which, was thrown into quadruple coverage. The last interception, Tyler threw off of his back foot straight up into the air. It was like he was playing back yard football and it was the last play of the game. There was over ten minutes left.

There was so much more that went wrong in this game, but you probably already know. And if you don't know about it already, then I doubt that you want to friend.

With the final whistle being blown on the 2012 MSU football season, we are left with way more questions than answers. Some will be quick to point out the eight wins, and how that used to be good enough. Most, including myself, feel that the five losses weighed much larger.

This will be your place for discussion, if you care to discuss this game. Most probably want to forget. We will try to get a detailed recap up at a later time. I doubt there is much demand for it right now.

Bring on baseball season.

Hail State