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Geoff Collins Promoted to Defensive Coordinator

The school has now confirmed what Pete Roussel reported this morning as Collins becomes MSU's new defensive coordinator.

Mississippi State University |

Mississippi State has now confirmed the earlier report by Pete Roussel of that Geoff Collins has been promoted to defensive coordinator by head coach Dan Mullen.

And while this is good news in the eyes of many State fans, the next bit of info is good to see for many more as well:

Why is that good news? Because Wilson is a well-respected defensive line coach, and has been a good recruiter for MSU as well. Additionally, as many State fans are aware, he is the main recruiter for current 5* MSU commit Chris Jones. Many speculated that Jones commitment may waiver should Wilson leave, but that seems to be a non-issue now.

In the end, what does this mean? Essentially, it's a switch for Collins and Wilson. The two have worked together closely for the past two seasons, but Collins will now assume the main role on defense, including play calling duties.

I am glad to see Collins get a deserved promotion and chance to prove himself, and I'm glad to see that Wilson decided to stay on board.

Now, onward into the fun world of recruiting we go.