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Quick Hits: Mississippi State 21, Bowling Green 20

It was an ugly, ugly ballgame, but Mississippi State does just enough to hang on against Bowling Green to move to 3-3.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

You wanna know how tonight went for Mississippi State?  Let Dan Mullen face sum it up for you:

Mullen Head Shake

The Bulldogs came out like we expected early, scoring twice in their first two drives to go up 14-3, relatively easy.  But from there it was nearly all down hill, as MSU's defense seemed to take the rest of the night off, as did the majority of the student  section.  Here's a quick rundown of tonight's game:

  • MSU started off red hot, as they drove the ball with ease, running and passing at will to the tune of two early touchdowns.  State would also add another touchdown before the half, but that was it.  The second half was nothing but a mire of frustration, clunky play, and frustration.
  • Seriously, shame on you MSU students.  Look, I was a student myself a few years ago, and I understand it's easy to walk away from a homecoming game early to go party.  But this was an eight point game at the half, and 80% of you on the east side just bailed.  Granted the effort on the field for the second half wasn't worth the price of admission, that's an embarrassing show for your university.  Do better, or don't bitch when they move the majority of you to the upper deck next season.
  • The defense, much like the offense, was just hot garbage for the entire second half.  Bowling Green did as they pleased for the most part.  Bowling Green carved up that Bulldog defense like hot butter, and all of a sudden you looked up and State was in jeopardy of losing. 
  • Devon Bell missed again.  Stop me if you've seen this movie before. 
  • I get that sometimes games are played closer than they should be, but this was a disaster.  State looked like the bad news bears out there for the majority of the second half of the game, and I think that's why people were so mad.  If you play your best and a team is just still keeping up with you, then that's one thing.  But this felt like MSU putting forth a lackadaisical effort, and allowing Bowling Green to hang around.
  • After all the frustration and cursing and drinking we were subjected to tonight because of this game, we did still win.  MSU will take a really weird 3-3 record into the second and final bye week before the final half of the season starts up with Kentucky in two weeks.
  • There were a few highlights tonight in the first half, including Prescott's 75 yard gallop for a touchdown.

What did you guys think?  I'm expecting as much frustration as I had (and most of the people I talked to throughout the game did as well).