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LaDarius Perkins scores on 30 yard touchdown reception [.GIF]

Today has been -- for lack of a better phrase -- a derp fest for MSU, but there have been a few bright spots mixed in among the questionable personnel choices, the mental mistakes, and the blocked field goals.

Just before the half, Tyler Russell found LaDarius Perkins for this beautiful 30-yard touchdown grab.  Perkins ran straight down the middle, and made one heck of an effort to get into the endzone, even getting pinballed by two Razorback defenders.

Perkins Catch

[video via SECTV]

Perkins looked shaken up after the play, but he would emerge on his own power.

After turning over the Razorbacks, MSU would waste a scoring opportunity before the half, and then waste another after a strong drive turned into a blocked field goal to start the second half.

The Razorbacks just scored to take 17-10 lead over Mississippi State with just  a few minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Go State