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Freshman Damian Williams score, Taveze Calhoun INT help to seal MSU win [.GIFs]

What a game.  Mistakes riddled with fantastic play was the name of the game today, as the jekyll-and-hyde Bulldogs ultimately finished Hyde, avoiding losing due to mistakes by producing a big play in overtime, both on the offensive and defensive side of things.

Starting overtime tied at 17, Mississippi State got the ball first, and promptly scored, as Damian Williams went 25 yards on the QB keeper to put MSU up 24-17.

Williams run Arkansas win

[video via SECTV]

The Bulldogs would then go on defense, and on a big fourth down, Taveze Calhoun came up with the big interception, ending the game, and pushing the Bulldogs to 5-6 with a chance to win next week to earn a bowl bid.

Calhoun INT Arkansas win

[video via SECTV]

Hail State!